Ikona Solutions guides all its services to satisfy the specific needs of each client. The great diversity of characteristics and volumes of wastewater generated, such as the variety of technology implemented in working facilities are countless and that´s why we approach an exhaustive review of the physical-chemical and biological characteristics in each case before we advance on a detailed diagnosis with the possible strategic solutions, focused on three fundamental factors: legal, economic and environmental impact.

Working Method

  • Our work begin with the study and advice in your plant, in addition we take compensated samples for further analysis by our chemists and biologists in our own laboratories.
  • Then we proceed to implement measures aimed at optimizing the system to ensure its efficiency over time.
  • Once the system set-up is achieved, the continuous improvement stage begins, where progress is based on the training of the operational staff. The objective is to create and shape a working team with analytical capacity to solve situations related to the treatment, with permanent assistance and periodic laboratory analysis. 


Project, supervision and start up of new plants.


Diagnosis and redesign of your current working facilities.

Technical Advice

Advice, management control and continuous improvement.


Training courses for proper operation, control and comprehensive system understanding.


Water sample analysis on our own laboratories.

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